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Santa Fe Interview, October, 2020

Business Matters host Bridget Dixon discusses the Education Plan with Carolyn Fittipaldi.

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End of Year Tax Planning, November, 2020

As the end of the year approaches, it’s an ideal time to look at finances, tax planning and, of course, holiday gifts.

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Help with Spending, November, 2020

The Education Plan can help reduce the strain of higher education expenses by helping families save money for college.

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A Life-Changing Gift, November, 2020

The holiday season, give a unique gift that will have a lasting, positive impact on the lives of your loved ones.

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The Economic Forum, October, 2020

Watch The 529 presentation with The Economic Forum by The Education Plan's Marketing Director, Carolyn Fittipaldi.

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New Outreach Coordinator, September, 2020

The organization that oversees the New Mexico 529 college savings program has hired Annette Paez.

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Audio Interview, September, 2020

The Richard Eeds Show interviews Carolyn Fittipaldi about The Education Plan.

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Employees can save Easily, August, 2020

A no cost way to enhance your current employee benefits with a 529.

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529 Scholarships for Students, August, 2020

New Mexico students awarded the 2020 National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Outstanding Achievement Award!

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Estate Planning Vehicle, August, 2020

Another important benefit is the potential use of 529 accounts for gifting and estate planning.

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It Pays To Have a Plan, August, 2020

A 529 college savings plan designed to help people save for the long-term goal of funding higher education.

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A 529 Success Story: Haley Phillips

Read about how a 592 though the Education Plan helped an aspiring teacher focus on her dreams and not her debt.

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Not All 529 Plans Offer Same Tax Benefits

Here are some tips from The Education Plan® on choosing the right 592 plan for you.

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Telemundo covers 529, June, 2020

An Interview with Carolyn Fittipaldi on the benefits of opening a 529 with The Education Plan today.

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End of School Year with 529, May, 2020

It’s never too late or too early to start saving for your child’s education with The Education Plan, a 529 college savings plan.

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More Education Less Debt, May, 2020

Looking for an easy way to strengthen your current and future association membership?

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Investing this tax season, May, 2020

Now is a good time to think about a tax-favored way of saving for education with The Education Plan®.

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Las Cruces Sun News, March, 2020

Read about The Education Plan in the March, 2020 issue of the Las Cruces Sun News.

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Employee Appreciation, March, 2020

The Education Plan® – is a great way to gain employee appreciation and loyalty.

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The Education Plan Audio Interviews

Listen and learn more about The Education Plan directly from our Executive Director, Ted Miller.

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Start 2020 Right with The Education Plan

Kick off 2020 with a resolution to fund an aspiring student's account in a 529 education savings plan.

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529 pay Student Loans, December, 2019

President Donald J. Trump signed into law the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Act.

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PR Newswire Press Release, June, 2019

New Mexico Selects Ascensus and Principal® to Manage the State's 529 Program.

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Santa Fe New Mexican, April, 2019

Officials say New Mexico’s 529 college savings plan underused.

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KRQE News, March, 2019

New Mexicans can plan ahead with a 529 savings plan with The Education Plan

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Las Cruces Sun News, November, 2018

Here's how you can give the gift of college savings this holiday season with The Education Plan.

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