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Children are full of potential. You can help them realize their potential by opening a college savings account in The Education Plan® today. The Education Plan is a tax-advantaged college savings account designed to help families save for qualified education expenses.1

Everyone benefits when you save.

  • Start with no minimum contribution.
  • Tax advantage of tax benefits.
  • Use at any accredited public or private college, university or vocational school.
  • Cover qualified expenses - tuition, room and board, books and more.2
  • Kids are 4X more likely to graduate college with even $500 saved.
The Education Plan Benefits

Why saving now counts.

  • Saving for education expenses reduces the burden of student loans later.
  • Education costs continue to rise every year.
  • The first day of college gets closer every day.
The Education Plan Benefits

Take the first step forward.

New to investing? Experienced at managing your own investments? Either way, we have a plan for you with resources to help along the way. Putting a 529 plan in place is as simple as 1-2-3.

Don’t succumb to sticker shock. College costs can be more affordable than you think.

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1 The Plan is neither FDIC insured nor guaranteed and may lose value.
2 When withdrawals are used for other purposes, the earnings portion of the withdrawal is subject to federal income taxes and any applicable state income tax, as well as an additional 10% federal tax and the recapture of all previous New Mexico tax deductions taken for contributions to an account.