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Gifting & Rewards Programs

The gift that never gets outgrown, broken or forgotten.

So many gifts end up being played with for a day and then forgotten. The UGift program makes it easy for friends and family to give a gift that can make a lasting difference in your loved one's life. A contribution of as little as $25 can significantly lessen their debt load in the future. (Bonus: It gives you an easy to answer to all those, “What should I get her?” questions.)

Sure, a kid may not think the gift of education is the coolest thing to unwrap today. But they’ll think you’re super awesome when they unwrap their future achievements without as much debt!

Already an account owner with The Education Plan? Visit your account now to generate your Ugift code.


Ugift is an easy, free-to-use service that lets family and friends contribute to your account with The Education Plan. Saving for that degree or certification can take a village, and Ugift makes it easy to get help from your network of loved ones. Instead of giving toys, cash or other typical gifts that are used too quickly or outgrown, gift givers get the satisfaction of knowing that their generosity can make a lasting difference. To learn more, visit


Top 5 Reasons to Set Up Gifting For Your 529 Plan:

  1. It's a meaningful gift that can last a lifetime
  2. Anyone can contribute at any time with as little as $25
  3. It can be a one-time gift or recurring through UGift 
  4. It may offer tax benefits for the gift-giver
  5. Even a small gift can make a big difference with compounding interest

Easy Gifting with Direct Deposit
You can set up automatic recurring gift contributions from your bank account or, if your employer participates, directly from your payroll. Log in to your account to get started.


Getting Started with Ugift


A gift contribution to a 529 plan is a great idea for any occasion, particularly for birthdays, holidays, baby showers and graduations. With gift contributions going into a plan from a few different people a few times a year, education savings can really add up significantly. 

How To Generate Your Unique Gifting Code

Setting up your 529 account to accept gifts is easy with Ugift. The system will generate a unique code you can share with loved ones to make gifting into your child’s 529 simple. Just follow these steps to create your code.

  1. Log in to your account with The Education plan here.
  2. Click on the UGift icon
  3. Follow the steps to generate your unique Ugift code.
  4. Share your code with loved ones and direct them here to give a gift.

Give the Gift of Education!

Download and print a certificate for holidays, birthdays and special occasions.

Upromise, a rewards program by Sallie Mae.


Upromise is a rewards program that believes everyone should have a chance to pursue their dreams and get the education they need to achieve them. Since 2001, Upromise has helped its members earn millions in cash back for education from eligible purchases they make every day. These earnings can be transferred automatically to your account with The Education Plan on a periodic basis, subject to a $25 minimum.

To learn more, visit www.upromise.com2

2Upromise rewards is an optional service offered by Upromise, Inc., is separate from The Education Plan, and is not affiliated with the Program Manager or the State of New Mexico. Specific terms and conditions apply. Participating companies, contribution levels, terms, and conditions subject to change without notice.