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Great reasons to make a gift contribution to a 529 plan.

Inviting grandparents, family and friends to contribute to your child’s account gives them a meaningful and easy way to support your child’s future.

A gift contribution to a 529 plan is perfect for any occasion. Any family member or friend can make a contribution to your child’s 529 plan at any time. They just need the child’s name and the account number.

Account owners can send gift requests with one time links that can be sent to friends and family. In addition, family members can fill out a gift form to contribute to a child’s account.

  • Every dollar gifted reduces future out-of-pocket costs.
  • Each gift helps the 529 account grow over time thanks to the power of compounded growth.
  • Special 529 gifting rules are useful for people who are estate planning and considering what to leave their heirs.
  • New Mexico residents can take state income tax deductions for their gift contributions.

Don’t be discouraged by college sticker prices. Most will pay less.

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