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The Education Plan

The Education Plan is your 529 Savings Plan. We help families prepare for and manage future education expenses.

Offered by The Education Trust Board of New Mexico, The Education Plan is New Mexico’s official direct-sold 529 college savings plan. 

A 529 college savings plan is designed to help you pay for college expenses. Money in a 529 college savings plan has tax advantages, is professionally managed, and may benefit from the power of compounded growth. 

The Education Plan allows you open a tax-advantaged account directly and choose from a variety investment options designed to meet your needs, situation, and risk tolerance.


About The Education Trust Board

The Education Trust Board is the governing body for New Mexico’s 529 college savings programs. The board is administratively attached to the New Mexico Higher Education Department. Members are appointed by the Governor, Senate Pro Tem, and Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The board is responsible for making rules and regulations for the development and implementation of the Education Trust Act.

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