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Allowing payroll contributions to The Education Plan is hassle-free for you and life-changing for your employees.

By allowing The Education Plan as a contribution from payroll, you can help your employees have a positive impact on the education of their loved ones.  With no cost to you as an employer, you can enable your employees’ college savings goals.

Top 4 things employers need to know:


Simple to set up

  • No government reporting
  • No fiduciary responsibility

Enhance your benefits package


Make a difference in your employees' lives


Competitive edge for retention & recruitment

If you’d rather not allow payroll contribution at this time, we’d be happy to talk to your employees about contributing from their own bank accounts. We provide lunch, and there is no cost for you or your employees.

We’re also happy to attend your wellness event to provide materials, giveaways and answer your employees’ questions about 529s.

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