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Whatever the path, begin with a plan. The Education Plan is a smart, tax-advantaged way to save for college and grow contributions over time to cover future education expenses and reduce the burden of student loan debt. Whether you are wanting to save for education goals for a loved one or yourself, a 529 plan can help any aspiring student, regardless of age, career path or socioeconomic status.


Give the gift that can last a lifetime

Anyone can give to a 529 plan with as little as $25. Sure, children may not think the gift of education is the coolest thing to unwrap this holiday season, but they’ll think you’re super awesome when they unwrap their future achievements without the worry of too much debt!

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Now there's an even easier way to access and manage your account with The Education Plan: the Ready Save 529 mobile app.


The Ready Save 529 mobile app puts your education savings at your fingertips with convenient and easy-to-use features.

  • Check your balance
  • Make deposits
  • Review your investments
  • Automate contributions
  • Get guidance to keep your savings goals on track

We're excited to bring you this new tool to help you save even more.



Everything You Need to Know About
The Education Plan


Discover how a 529 college savings plan can help your family save more for higher education in this short video presentation.

Flexibility with so many benefits

  • Anyone can open and contribute to a college savings account for anyone else
  • Only $1 minimum contribution required
  • Contributions may be tax-deductible and grow tax-free 
  • Gift contributions for birthdays, holidays and graduations help fuel savings
  • Covers over 200 qualified education expenses at most schools across the country and online, and many abroad
  • Covers undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, certification and continuing education programs 
  • Beneficiaries are transferable 
  • Just $500 saved significantly increases graduation rates
The Education Plan Benefits

Why saving now counts

  • Saving for education expenses reduces the burden of student loans later
  • Education costs continue to rise every year
  • The first day of college gets closer every day
The Education Plan Benefits

"The Education Plan is helping my family prepare for the total cost of college. It's the peace of mind that matters most!"
Helen W., Albuquerque, NM

Don’t succumb to sticker shock. College costs can be more affordable than you think.

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1 The Plan is neither FDIC insured nor guaranteed and may lose value.
2 When withdrawals are used for other purposes, the earnings portion of the withdrawal is subject to federal income taxes and any applicable state income tax, as well as an additional 10% federal tax and the recapture of all previous New Mexico tax deductions taken for contributions to an account.