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By encouraging clients to invest with The Education Plan, you can show them your commitment to building a thoughtful education investment portfolio. You can also demonstrate your sound financial judgment, not only with investing, but also with tax policy and fee management.

  • Opening a 529 plan can help clients reduce future student-loan debt
  • Robust gifting options make it easy to accelerate clients' account savings
  • 529s offer an ideal wealth-planning tool
  • New Mexico clients enjoy a generous state income tax deduction for 100% of contributions*
  • Competitive pricing and fee structure
  • Broad investment portfolio to meet your clients' needs

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*New Mexico and the federal government currently have different definitions for “qualified higher education expenses” for tax purposes. See this “Important Notice to New Mexico Taxpayers” for more information.

How To Access Your Clients' Accounts

Managing your clients' accounts with The Eduction Plan is simple. The first step is to download and fill out the authorization form. Clients can give you one of three levels of access to their accounts. Once you have authorization to access the account, you can easily view information and manage all your accounts with The Education Plan using 529 Quick View.


Level 1 - Account Inquiry Access

Level 1 access authorizes you to obtain information about the account, change an address of record and receive duplicate account statements

Level 2 - Account Inquiry Access, Contributions and Exchanges

Level 2 access authorizes you to do everything in Level 1, plus add or update bank information, make a contribution and change investment options.

Level 3 - Account Inquiry Access, Contributions, Exchanges, and Withdrawals

Level 3 access authorizes you to do everything in Level 1 and Level 2, plus make withdrawals from the account.


Managing Your Clients' Accounts with 529 QuickView

529 Quickview

With 529 QuickView, you have one-stop access for answers to your clients' account questions with data that is easily downloadable to your desktop. You see the same screens as your clients once they log in, so you can easily conduct online transactions including contributions, qualified withdrawals, allocation changes, exchanges, and transfers (with client approval).

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